The Mobile Moment

By Lauren Lyons, Marketing, The Doneger Group
June 16, 2016

With end-of-year mobile shopping sales expected to hit 31 billion, the conversation around mobile commerce is taking off. From Apple's recent announcement of a more fluid version of Apple Pay to new platforms like a shoppable Snapchat, the retail landscape is changing to suit a consumer who spends a third of the day looking at his or her phone.

We see mobile becoming a main focus for retailers as they look for new ways to compensate for a slowdown in brick and mortar foot traffic. When done right, mobile and conversational commerce capitalizes on the convenience and ease factor that consumers are seeking. The recent efforts of brands like Everlane's Facebook Messenger customer service approach or Zara's SMS ship-to-store notifications shows that retailers are starting to head in the right direction. Though consumers are becoming more and more accessible via mobile, reaching them can still be a challenge in a digitally saturated world. Thinking beyond the initial purchase, retailers will need to emphasize the post-purchase experience to build brand loyalty and ensure future sales.

Rather than having a multitude of single-purpose apps, we see a future where a single app combines social media, messaging, shopping and content. Snapchat has recently repositioned themselves in this manner, and we expect other tech companies and retailers to also transform and modernize their mobile initiatives. Incorporating AI to accomplish face and fingerprint recognition at checkout, for example, could eliminate the need for cash transactions, speeding up the tedious process of waiting in line. As these ideas become more and more plausible, we're interested in seeing how the fashion industry will shift its thinking and how retailers will adapt their mobile offering.